New Students

Students find that the harp sounds beautiful from the very first day. The harp is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds and can be played in nearly any style of music. Although the pedal harp was patented in 1811, the harp is nearly 4000 years old, making it one of the oldest instruments in the world! Learning the harp teaches valuable skills that will influence academic pursuits, including focus, discipline and problem solving.

In her harp lessons, Leigh hopes to inspire musical creativity, a love of music making and share her love of the harp. Leigh prepares an individualized lesson plan and repertoire for each student, based on their interests, experience, and age. Through tailored lessons, students learn harp technique, listening skills, music theory, history, and explore composition and improvisation.

All of Leigh’s students are encouraged and invited to play with the North Carolina Harp Ensemble, participate in master classes, recitals and group performance classes.




How do I get started? Before committing to lessons, Leigh invites each prospective student for a 45-60 minute intro lesson. This is an opportunity to play and see the harps up close, meet Leigh and learn more about the studio. Intro lesson is $35.

Where do you teach? Leigh teaches from her new home studio in Carrboro, NC. Completed March 2018!

How much are lessons? Weekly lessons are $45, or $55 dollars for a 45 & 60 minute lesson, respectively.

Do you teach adults? Yes! I have students of all ages in my studio and experience teaching kids, adolescents, young adults and retirees. 

How do I get a harp? Leigh rents harps to her students starting at $50 per month. If you prefer to purchase, Leigh can help you purchase an appropriate harp used or new.


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