Music Program Outline for Wedding Ceremony

wedding processional

With wedding season about to begin, couples are in varying stages of wedding planning. Here is a musical outline for a full wedding ceremony program to help guide you through your musical selections. My wedding package includes each of the below items, but may or may not be needed for your ceremony. Your music selections are fully customizable to fit the perfect style and ambience for your ceremony.


Prelude Music (20-30 minutes)

Prelude music begins when your guests gather. If you have any special requests, Leigh is happy to learn new music for you at no additional charge.

Seating of the Mothers/Grandparents/Families (optional)

Traditionally, the mothers of the couple are escorted to their seats to “Ave Maria.” Now, couples often choose to include both parents, grandparents and sometimes aunts/uncles as well.

Processional: Groom, groomsmen & officiant (optional)

Traditionally, the groomsmen and officiant enter from the side just before the start of the ceremony. It’s also becoming popular to process first, especially for outdoor ceremonies where a subtle entrance is not as easy.

Processional: Bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, maid of honor (optional)

Next, we have the junior bridesmaid(s), bridesmaid(s) and maid of honor processing in that order. Occasionally, the ladies are escorted by the groomsmen.

Processional: Flower girl & Ring bearer (optional)

Flower girls and ring bearers either walk as a pair or will walk separately. You may choose a new song here, or choose one selection for the entire entrance of the wedding party.

Bridal Processional

For the entrance of the bride, she is sometimes escorted by her father, parents, children or another close relative or friend. Sometimes the bride chooses to walk unaccompanied. 

Special Music during the ceremony (optional)

Music for unity sand/lighting of the candle, communion, prayer, in remembrance, a special love song, or anything else you would like to have.


After the couple is announced, the recessional begins and finishes when everyone in the wedding party has exited.